Clone Full class set - Ammunition build clone dps mordechai pve stalker
Stalker Guide by Jinxed4 Last update at Oct 26th 2016, 12:51

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    This build works best with full class set runes.

    To get the most damage out of your clones, put the 120 version of Mordechai Redmoon's Ammunition Fusion rune on your weapon. Each clone has a chance to proc it's effect, boosting your overall chance and damage.

    Open with a stealth
    to gain your bonuses Then pop your
    right after.

    Next use up use the rest of your suit power using
    followed by
    under 35 suit power to regain more suit power. You can then use the final of your remaining power to throw out as many
    as you can.

    Ones your down on suit power and
    is not available, either use
    to reduce the cool down of your
    . Feel free to throw in
    whenever it is up.

    Once you've regained some suit power from useing
    after its up again, be sure to always pop your
    back up after cool down.

    This is the basic circle,
    can be used in succession if you need the extra reduction. The best part about this is, your
    cool down is also reduced.

    can be change or adjusted to whatever you prefer,
    can be used for some extra DPS while the cycle is down (please note this is before the change that's upcoming to ruin which is soon).

    If used in raids,
    can also be replaced by
    for a CC breakout.

    Please be aware that the clones do also have their own knockdowns which may be used. Be sure to swap to any standard stalker build if your fighting a boss that needs a specific amount of int armour taken.