1800+ Arenas and BGs dps medic pve pvp
Medic Guide by DoctorHouse Last update at Dec 16th 2014, 12:29

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  • Ability Points 0 /0
  • AMP Points 0 /0
  • Elder Gems 0 /17
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    Max Health Assault Power Support Power
    Brutality 0000
    Finesse 0000
    Moxie 0000
    Tech 0000
    Insight 0000
    Grit 0000
    Strikethrough Chance 0% Critical Hit Chance 0% Critical Hit Severity 0% Deflect Chance 0% Deflect Critical Hit Chance 0%
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    How 2 b gud

    How to use correctly:

    going in.
    , and

    Try to hit as many people as possible, and just keep doing this the entire fight. Watch the damage and kills roll in, it's literally this easy.

    to keep people in the fields. Use
    to juke range and get your fields on them. If you need to get away,
    generally works. You don't use actuators for damage in this build, so I like to run
    for the burst heals. In full assault 1800 gear, runed out only for AP and PvP power,
    x3 will bring you from 1% to around full health, assuming you don't have the
    wound on you. It also smart heals your team so you end up being a sort of useful healer.

    AMPs are self explanatory, basic damage + survivability. Entrapment is broken atm so I don't run it. Surgical is ok for damage, but good for emergency heals.

    . Good for extra CC if you already have a competent healer. Move the ability points to nullifier for the small burst damage or
    for the extra charge.

    . I don't recommend this.
    does more damage but it wastes actuators that could be used for
    , consumes time that could be spent channeling
    , which kills your
    spam, and is easier to dodge than
    only hits 5 people, but
    can hit as many people as you can get to step into it. Also there is no
    in this build, so the
    tier specials end up being useless.

    With this build, I consistently get top damage and kills by a large margin, even against other medics on my team.