MEDIC PVP - The Green Lantern "Burst & Mobility" dps medic pve pvp
Medic Guide by Shao Last update at Oct 10th 2015, 23:57

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    This build comes from my personal experience in BG. I'm not saying this is the best, but in any case it will allow you to kill an opponent very quickly.

    10/10/2015 - Modification AMPs and LAS -


    T5 - the spammer, you must use at least t4 for additional damage. T5 because i still had a point to put where I wanted ;)

    T4 - You must always start with fissure. For the expose (-16% tech resist for 12s) and 1 actuator refund

    Base - Because it's a burst build you don't have to tiering
    the base damage will do the job.

    T4 - Very important to get the tier 4. I remind you that "the targets with less than 70% of life are your priorities".

    T4 - For the 18% armor pen - Big burst damage

    Base - The stun is always useful to prevent an incomming heal or someone who flees

    T4 - The tier 4 is amazing (as my Iphone 5s) Break free from snare, roots, holds, tethers. And you blink 20m !! It will save you life more than once

    Base - A second break free from all CC. As urgency without the blink ;)



    I will not explain the tier 1 because they are obvious !!

    T2 - In the assault branch is quite obvious too ;) but the recent change with Empowering aura is a must have for you and your mates.
    Empowering aura, core damage, in flux, recycler are the basis of a pvp-dps build

    T3 - Meltdown is fantastic..... 153% tech dommage every 30s and the opponent lose his shield for 8s !!! Believe me you'll love that ;)

    Hybrid A/S

    I will not explain the tier 1 because they are obvious !!

    T2 - Scalpel ! Forceps ! + 24% of your max assault for 6s (3x 8%) You don't have to crit... just landing a hit. Your first
    and it's done !! It works like magic... and boys we patented it.

    Hybrid A/U

    T1 - 3 points in pvp offense to fetch the atomize usable after a deflect.


    First I want to remind that this is a burst build and you're a medic. Fear is in their side ! Go ahead, make them cry and run.

    In a perfect world, on a single target like a multi-target, you can start and should start the same way!

    (i remind you +24%AP + -16% resist tech 12s)

    if crit
    At this point, believe me, they start to flee

    I'm sure they are already less than 70% health

    Let the rain falls !!


    They begin to breathe, because they think it's finished!

    oh my god, you do not run fast enough to escape

    Feel free to ask me questions.

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